Academic block

The academic block is equipped with modern and spacious classrooms, with overhead LCD projectors and audio systems.


There are 4 studios designed and furnished to the highest degree of conduciveness catering student activities.


Well maintained library with over 1000 books,magazines and international publications.It has self-contained reading facilites.

Conference Hall

Conference Hall


A bamboo hut was created as part of a bamboo workshop held by inspiration kochi.

Computer Lab

A well equipped, computer lab networked with a number of workstations supported by around 30 computers, loaded with latest design softwares which includes auto cat, revit photoshop etc. the entire college campus is wifi enabled.


There are college bus services provided to and fro from the hostels and alwaye town to the college.

Labs & Workshops

The College has well equipped carpentry, Climatology, Survey and Materials laboratories and workshops.


Both boys and girls hostel facilities are available.They are located close to the city

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